Start times:

140,110 & 80km........9:00am sharp

50km...........................9:20am sharp

12km.........................11:00am sharp


Signing on:

Signing on and registration will be in Ballinkillen Community Centre and takes place from 7:30am until 10 minutes before the start time of each cycle. Please come in plenty of time to allow yourself time to sign on and grab a quick cuppa!

 There will be stewards present to show everyone where to go, where to queue and where to get a cup of tea! Please follow their directions.



Parking will be in a field beside Ballinkillen GAA pitch. Please follow the parking signs and instructions of the marshals.


Start and Finish:

All routes start and finish in Ballinkillen, at the Community Centre.


Wrist Bands:

At registration on the morning of the cycle all cyclists will be given wrist bands which are colour coded for each route. There will be an emergency contact phone number on the band in case of an accident or breakdown. The eircode for Ballinkillen Community Centre will also be on the wrist band. The wrist bands are required at the start of the cycle and for the food stops.



While we will try to have all junctions marshalled there may be some junctions not marshalled. Unless the marshalls state very clearly that the junction is safe to go through DO NOT assume the right of way. The marshals are there for directional assistance and all cyclists must use their own judgement regarding their safety at junctions. Remember that normal rules of the road apply at all times. Roads WILL NOT be closed.






  • All junctions are marked on the road with white arrows and white 'BCC' letters.
  • There will also be directional signs at all junctions.
  • There will be a lead motorcycle and sweeper van on all routes for your safety and technical assistance.
  • Normal rules of the road apply at all times.
  • Obey and respect the marshals. Remember they are there for your safety.
  • No roads will be closed, so cycle with care.
  • It is NOT a race and cyclists may go at their own pace.
  • Cycle no more than two abreast and be considerate of other road users.
  • Food Stop on the four long routes (140,110,80,50km) is at Borris Vocational School. Take great care in Borris as you will be descending down the town , turning left at the bottom of the town for the food station.


  • Tea/Coffee and scones/brown bread, Killowen Yogurt with Granola and porridge will be served  from 7:00am in Ballinkillen Community Centre before the start of the cycle. So especially if you are travelling a long distance you will be able to grab a quick cuppa and bite to eat before you set off on the cycle.
  • The main food stop en route (approximately 55km) is in Borris Vocational School. This food stop will serve the four long routes (140km, 110km, 80km & 50km). Here you get tea/coffee, sandwiches and cakes.
  • At the finish in Ballinkillen there will be plenty of wholesome HOT food for everyone, as well as a few goodies! So make sure to come into the hall to replenish those calories burned.
  • There will be Gluten free and Vegetarian options available, just ask the ladies serving.
  • Water Stops: There will be two Water Stops along the routes (for the 80,110 & 140km routes) where there will be drinks and bars/snacks. These stops will be on the roadside and are at:
    • Between Inistioge & Graiguenamanagh @ 40km
    • Nine Stones @ 90km & 125km





Please observe EXTREME CAUTION at the following places:

Thomastown(25km): There is a descent into Thomastown where the street bends and narrows and at the bottom there is a sharp left turn.

Borris(55km): The food station is at the bottom of the town. You could be gaining speed as you descend down the town but be prepared to slow almost to a stop as you will be taking a sharp left for the food station at the Vocational School.

Kiltealy(68km): There is a descent into Kiltealy where you meet a 'T' junction in the village and must yield to traffic. It is a left hand turn but be prepared to slow down drastically. The road surface in Kiltealy is very uneven and watch for speed ramps also.

Bunclody(80km): For last kilometre into Bunclody the road surface is very rough. Be aware of the speed ramps as you descend into Bunclody.

Nine Stones at Mt Leinster(90km): After climbing up from Bunclody to the Nine Stones at Mt Leinster there are three cattle grids to cycle over. The first is on the way up to the Nine Stones. The other two are on the descent down the other side towards Tom Duff. Extreme care must be exercised on this descent. It is possible to achieve very high speeds here but please slow to around 30km/hr at the cattle grids. If in doubt stop and walk over them. Immediately after the cattle grids the road narrows, becomes very twisty and the surface is very rough in parts. You will very quickly come to a junction (at Tom Duff) where you must yield to traffic and after turning right here you will start climbing immediately, so get into a low gear before the junction! Again cycle with extreme caution as you could meet oncoming cars.

Also on the ascent to and the descent from The Nine Stones there are horses and sheep which are often out on the road as there are no ditches up there. So be very careful if you encounter any animals on the road - please slow down as you approach them as they are liable to jump in front of you especially if they don't see you coming and get a fright. Let out a few yells to warn them of your approach!

Tom Duff (95km): After descending from the Nine Stones there is a small climb over Tom Duff before descending to Ballinree Cross. Take great care on this descent as there are numerous pot holes on the way down and at one stage the road is covered in gravel.